Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall joined the faculty of the Psychology department in 2017, where he studies language and cognitive development in d/Deaf children, with the goal of ensuring that all deaf and hard of hearing children develop to the fullest of their potential.  He contends that deafness, sign languages, and Deaf cultures are valuable dimensions of human diversity that deserve to be celebrated, rather than aberrations that need to be eradicated, and is committed to fostering a culture at UMassD that proudly honors disability and neurodiversity alongside race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and other protected classes.  Outside the lab, he has been extensively involved in efforts to help Christian communities become better-informed about and more inclusive of the diversity of human sexes, sexualities, gender identities, and gender expressions.  As a scientist and a gay person of faith, he welcomes opportunities to discuss these topics with students and/or colleagues at any point in their journey.  In what little spare time remains, he and his husband Ben can be found singing in Collegium Ancora (a professional chamber choir that they co-founded), and cooking lots of tasty food at their home in Providence.